About Us

Fred Michel Jr. has been performing custom design and installation for over 20 years throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Born and raised in the masonry trade, Fred Michel has spent his time perfecting the installation of Glass Block. Fred is “hands-on” and every application is done on site premises. Every step Fred takes is mindful to reach the final goal of completion with precision.

Time has proven to our company that by solely providing glass block installation to our customers we are enabled to give our undivided attention toward mastering the art of glass block and the delicate technique required for installation.

About Fred Michel - South Jersey Glass Block installation

Working with our company is very simple.

You may contact us yourselves or have your builder get in touch with us regarding the details of the potential glass block in your home or professional setting. All of our glass block applications are assembled on premises and are unique to coincide with its surroundings and suited to fit your needs. What you have in mind is possible. Whether you’re looking to design and install a custom glass block walk-in shower, radius glass block partition, window, wall or custom glass block outdoor bar, great for those “summertime get-togethers” it can all be done. A glass block stair tower wall is a spectacular way to bring light into a usual dark area.

Really, the possibilities are endless and should be explored.

Whatever your glass block application is you can rest assured that it will be customized with your needs in mind and you will see why Fred Michel, Jr. has proven to be the most personal and qualified artist and glass block installer.

 Serving NJ & PA (NY Upon Request)


Glass block installation services. Glass Block is a very useful, artistic, durable and versatile material
Which explains why Glass Block appears in many different places of the world. While providing security and privacy Glass Block also brings a touch of class and individuality to any application. brings light and a feeling of openness to many areas.
We are here solely to provide you with the quality installation service that we have been providing for over twenty years.